Why is your support important?

Academic Perspectives is organized primarily for social and educational purposes. Our mandate is to offer a public service by providing access to academic knowledge and discussions in order to foster an open dialogue that encourages world citizens to engage in the solution and understanding of social issues. The activities we undertake in service of our mandate do cost money, but Academic Perspectives hopes to raise part of that money through donations in favour of the public good it seeks to create.

Where would donations go?

Donations will help us pay the activities we engage in service of our mandate such as web development,  program organization and archiving, research, hosting and editing of our interviews.

But most importantly, knowledge is power. Your donation will help to build an inclusive community where people within and outside the academia come together, feel empowered and counted on.
Other ways you can support us:

Suggest a topic - If you are concerned about a social issue and would like to know what academic insights are out there to help understand and approach it, tell Academic Perspectives so that we can try find a scholar who has researched the topic for inclusion in our interviews.

Spread the word - Let your friends, relatives and colleagues know about the Academic Perspectives project. How about suggesting them to recommend a topic or listen to our interviews? Follow us on our Social Media channels and don’t forget to use their share tools!
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